Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah is a most amazing healer & spiritual guide.  I highly recommend his workshops and sound healer training as they have & continue to change my life in a way I had only previously dreamt of.  You will not find a more amazing teacher for shamanic skills, earth wisdom & sound healing.

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks is a powerful healer who uses sound and a light language from the original codes of creation.  I have personally recieved life altering healing from Danielle and all who work through & with her.  She is truly a Goddess of Light and I highly recommend her.

Mary Ketailey

Mary is a most powerful animal communicator.  I have worked with her myself & referred many people to her as well.  She is profoundly connected to the animal kingdom and the beings that our animal friends really are.  She works over the phone so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Jane Burke

Jane is a wonderful healer & I highly recommend her if you are in the NYC area!

Aluna Joy

Amazing teachings and channellings from a wise woman of light.

Solara An Ra

Solara channels gentle light filled wisdom that I have found very helpful on my path….

Mystic Momma

Great website for info. and guidance of all kinds….

Wonderful library for current channellings but have your inner navigation tools at the ready & only read the ones that make you feel wonderful and inspired!  Don’t go down the rabbit hole here……

Ascension 101

Inelia Benzs’ website, lots of great info. and tools for your ascension journey.

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